Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kangaroo Optical Illusion Maze by Yonatan Frimer

Optical illusion maze of a friendly Joey, or young kangaroo. The kangaroo is an animal unique to the continental nation of Australia, which has been "at sea" for millions of years and has a different evolution path than the other continents, which where connected not long ago, evolutionary speaking. The kangaroo hops around from place to place, rather than walk, and since all that jumping makes holding on to you young, or visa-versa, very diffictult, the kangaroo has a pouch on its front portions in which the baby completes its development called a marsupium

which the mom keeps them in well till after they are developed and will even sometimes have a young one and an old one hopping around with her in the pouch. The mother unfortuneatley is the only one that can do this, the father can't help in carring them nor stick around for that, probably bouncing out of there faster than a....

Can't solve this kangaroo optical illusion maze?You can find the solution and the next maze on the next blog posting, the Kangaroo Optical Illusion Maze Solution and July 4th Optical Illusion Maze

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The yellow line shows you the solution to the optical illusion hurts the eyes maze. Thanks, come back soon, ya hear?!